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We LOVE Our LOCAL Suppliers! 
The Happy Tomato Red Sauce + Pesto
Mixing It Up Gluten Free Crusts
JM Stock Butcher Shop
Smoked BBQ Co.
NoBull Burgers
The Rock Barn
Chiles Orchard
Henley's Orchard
Caromont Farm
Potters Craft Cider
The Local Food Hub
And, we are adding more every season!


Our menu is seasonal, LOCAL (we often pick up ingredients straight from the farm on the day of the event) and always a work in progress!  These are just some examples of what we've been up to lately.  For private events, we have many, many options available and are happy to create a custom menu just for you!

The Summertime
local heirloom tomatoes | 'the happy tomato' pesto | olive oil | goat cheese

Cool As A Cantaloupe
prosciutto | mozzarella | olive oil | topped with cantaloupe and arugula

local 'happy tomato' red sauce | mozzarella | pepperoni

pesto | roma tomatoes | fresh mozzarella

Vegetarian Goat
local 'happy tomato' red sauce | goat cheese | zucchini & yellow squash

Asparagus + Feta
olive oil | local asparagus | green onion | mozzarella | feta | garnished with fresh parmesan + red pepper flakes

Strawberry + Spinach
local strawberries from chiles in crozet, va | spinach | feta | balsamic drizzle

Sausage, Egg and Cheese
spicy local sausage | sweet peppers | local 'happy tomato' red sauce | mozzarella | topped with a local egg

The Blenheim
red grapes | blue cheese | olive oil | rosemary

The Peachy Pig
smoked bbq co. pulled pork | local peaches | green onion | mozzarella | mad hatter drizzle

Mushroom Madness
trio of mushrooms | local 'happy tomato' red sauce | mozzarella

The NoBull
nobull burger crumbles | red + green peppers | caramelized onions | mozzarella | organic red sauce

Chicken & Apple
smoked bbq co. pulled chicken | local apples | blue cheese |
mad hatter drizzle

Local Link
local ‘happy tomato’ red sauce | local sausage | local goat cheese | balsamic drizzle

Summers End
pesto | local fire roasted squash and zucchini | fresh mozzarella

Pumpkin + Sage
pumpkin puree | crispy sage | gouda

Fall Foliage
roasted fall vegetables | ricotta | rosemary

Beets + Goat
roasted beet | goat cheese | arugula

The CiderFest
JM stock house bacon | local apples | potter's craft cider caramelized onions| cheddar cheese

Brussels, Bacon + Balsamic
fire roasted brussel sprouts | JM stock house bacon | local 'happy tomato' red sauce | mozzarella & cheddar cheeses | balsamic drizzle

John Deere Red
JM stock john deere sausage | local 'happy tomato' red sauce | roasted red peppers | mozzarella | mad hatter & honey drizzle 

Gettin' Piggy With It
JM stock black pepper & garlic sausage | red & green peppers |  local 'happy tomato' red sauce | mozzarella | mad hatter & honey drizzle

**Cheese Pizza & Mixing It Up Gluten Free Crust Always Available!